You book a boat trip with 2 dives. Single dives are not bookable.

The boat trip must be booked and paid for in advance.

In bad circumstances we will have to cancel the excursion.

We then try to make the dives another day.

If that is not possible, we will refund the costs.

You can only select a certain day, the times are fixed (10:00 – 15:00).

For a dive not made, the diver will receive a voucher. We determine per day where to dive.

We depend on the circumstances. So we don’t promise anything, except that we dive in the place with the best conditions.

During the boat trip we will go and see if we can spot dolphins and whales.

We might come across something, you never know!

Seasick easily? Then boat diving is actually not recommended. What can help is the drug Biodramina, available at the pharmacy in 4 and 12 tablet packs. This medicine will not make you drowsy or sleepy. There is also a variant with caffeine, which works even better for some people.

Need diving equipment?

For the rental of complete diving equipment (bottle, air, weights, wetsuit, BCD, regulator set, mask, shoes and fins) you pay € 15 extra.

These costs are settled in the dive center. Cancel You can cancel 4 days in advance. After those 4 days it is hardly possible for us to schedule new divers on the boat.

Cancel It is of course possible that you become ill or that you have to cancel your reservation at the latest due to circumstances.

In this case you will receive a voucher from us to make the boat trip at a later time. You can also deal with this with travel insurance to recover the costs incurred. We will help you with that.

Spanish law The Spanish diving law is very strict. In addition to numerous conditions that a diving school must meet, there are also a number of important points for the diver, including the Medical certificate and the diving insurance.

A medical statement? Do you have a medical certificate from a diving doctor in the Netherlands? Perfect! If you do not have this, you must complete a Diving Medical Statement. This can be downloaded here if you would like to fill it in. This is of course also possible in the diving center.

Dive insurance? Diving insurance is mandatory in Spain! If you have one, this must also be demonstrable (policy schedule, for example). If you have travel insurance with diving as a supplement, that is sufficient. If you do not have diving insurance, we will arrange it for you. This can be for a day, week, month or year. The costs for a day insurance are € 6.-. This is also settled in the diving center. If there are too few registrations, we will also cancel the boat trip. We always try to set a different date. if that fails, the money will be refunded.