Lava Diving La Palma

More then just scuba diving

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The best of both Worlds

Now that the volcano has calmed down, we pick up the thread again. La Palma desperately needs tourism and tourism entrepreneurs are desperate for people.

By collaborating with La Palma Experience as Casa de Buceo – duikhuis La Palma, we get the best of both worlds: making the most beautiful dives from a boat, the GATUFAS.

This boat trip is more than just diving. The excursion lasts 5 hours, a simple lunch is included. We sail along the new lava deltas, a spectacular view! Besides the diving there is enough comfort on board to relax and even time to spot dolphins and whales. In short, a wonderful day on the ocean!

Welcome aboard!

Price structure

You pay a fair price for the boat trip. You pay for the rental of the boat (Annaliese) and you pay for the dives (to us).

The rent of the boat is € 45,- per person, per day. This is the price that Annaliese charges for sailing, based on 6 people.

You pay us €32 per dive for the dives. Normally you pay € 36,- for a dive. So you already receive a € 5 discount when booking online!

You will receive lunch and pictures of the dives from us.

The boat trip takes 5 hours. Plenty of time to do 2 dives, take a break between dives and spot dolphins and whales too.

By booking the boat excursion you help us but also Annaliese.